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Please help to support Tanzania with this much needed new initiative.

From June 1st 2019 plastic bags are banned in Tanzania and there are restrictions on plastic bottles, which is long awaited and very welcome, new legislation!

What this means for your visit to Tanzania is the following:-

  1.  Please ensure that when you enter Tanzania you do not have any of the following items or that you dispose of them as you arrive in the country i.e. at a specially provided desk in the airport terminal:-
    ·         Any single use plastic bag
    ·         Any carrier bag that is not single use but that is made out of plastic. All bags must be made of material, paper, card or biodegradable substances (but not bio-degradable plastic as this will possibly not be recognized by Customs here)
    ·         Any plastic bag used to protect shoes etc. from the rest of the items in your luggage.
    ·         Any plastic wrapping on duty-free purchases made en-route.
    ·         Any plastic used to wrap around/seal your bags for your trip.
  2.  Please make sure that you are aware not to accept any plastic bags with purchases made in Tanzania
  3.  Please do not bring in single use drink/water bottles.  If you already have a reusable metal/solid water bottle at home, then you could bring one to use for the journey over and on your safari.  Otherwise, Shadows of Africa as well as many lodges and camps give out reusable water bottles as gifts and/or for use while on safari. Please ask for details.
  4.  Fines for possession of banned plastics are around TSH 30,000 ($13-$15).
  5.  Please see the helpful notice from the Government addressed to travellers and visitors to Tanzania.

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