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Visitors to Tanzania have two options when it comes to getting a visa:

  • You can arrange this on arrival and deal with airport queues;
  • You can get a visa from the comfort of your home and skip an extra line at the airport.

Let Sarafika Tours walk you through the simple process of applying for your
Tanzanian eVisa.
What is required for an e-visa application?

  • A JPEG pic of your passport’s biometric page.
  • A JPEG pic of yourself (smaller than 300KB). Don’t worry if you don’t have an official passport photo – a clear image of yourself against a plain background will do.
  • Your round-trip flight ticket – either PDF or JPEG will work.
  • Tanzania, Arusha
  • Sarafika Tour & Safaris Ltd – Tanzania
  • Olerien, Arusha, TZ
  • 255 744 566 936
  • Your mother’s and father’s names and nationalities.
  • Make note of the security question you choose, as it will be required to check
    your visa status later.Where it asks for ‘host details’, write ‘Self’, as this will save you having to
    complete the rest of that section.
  • A valid Visa or MasterCard for online payment

1 – Go to the Tanzanian eVisa website

First thing’s first. Go to the Tanzanian Visa website. It should look like this:

You’re going to scroll down to the box in the lower left corner: New Application.
Go ahead and click that.

2 – Set Up An Account

On the next page, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address as well as
selecting a security question and answer.
You’ll also need to complete a CAPTCHA form to prove you’re human. If you are not
human, you can’t get a visa, I’m afraid.
On the next page, you’ll be presented with your application information: an
application ID and the date. You’ll want to write both of these down!

3 – Fill Out Your Application

The next few pages will have you fill out the meat and bones of your application.

  • Page 1: Fill out your personal information such as name, date of birth, and nationality.
  • Page 2: Provide contact information, your present and permanent addresses, and your employment information.
  • Page 3: Provide your passport information as well as information on your parents. Weirdly, you are required to provide information on your legal guardian. Just put your own name or your parents’ name here.
  • Page 4: This one is a little trickier, so we’ll cover it in the next section!

4 – Travel Information

Up until now, this has all been pretty straightforward, but the fourth page of your
application gets a little more complicated.

  1. You’ll be asked to list the country in which you are applying and the nearest
    embassy. There is a limited selection of embassies here, so choose the one in
    your country or, if all else fails, select immigration headquarters.
  2. When asked for your Type of Visa, you’ll need to select Ordinary (or
    Multiple Entry, if need be). For Purpose of Your visit, select Leisure and
  3. If you have visited Tanzania previously, you’ll need to provide the date of your
    last entry as well as your visa number from that visit.
  4. For your travel plans, select all that apply. Be sure to select the correct Port
    of Entry – the airport or land border crossing. If you aren’t sure, ask your
    Sarafika Safari Expert.
  5. When asked for your Local Host, select: Host: Company/Organisation
    Full Name: Sarafika Tour
    Mobile Number: Enter the contact number provided in your booking contract
    Email: Enter the email address of your contact at Sarafika Tours
    Company: Sarafika Tours
    Relationship: Tour Operator
    Physical Address: Olerien, Arusha, Tanzania
  6. Lastly, it will ask you for your accommodation. Ask your Sarafika Tours
    contact for the address of the first hotel in your itinerary and enter this.

5 – Travel Companions

On the following page, you’ll be asked two questions:

  • Are you traveling as part of a group or organization?
  • Are you being accompanied by minors?

If the answer to either of these is ‘yes’, you’ll be prompted to provide additional

6 – Documents

On the next page, you’ll be asked to upload a passport sized photo, a copy of your
passport’s photo page, and an invitation letter.
An invitation letter is not actually needed for a tourist visa, but the system is set up
to require one.
Your booking contract will work in place of a formal invitation letter.

7 – Final Steps

On the next page, you’ll be asked to review the information you’ve submitted and
agree to a Declaration Statement.
Make sure everything is 100% correct, as you can’t change it after this.
You’ll then make payment for your visa and be provided with confirmation.
Visas are $50 USD (or $100 USD for US citizens), just as they would be at the border
or airport upon arrival.
You’re done!

Checking the Status of Your Tanzanian eVisa Application

To check on the progress of your application, return to this website.
You’ll find a Visa Status button in the bottom right corner. Enter the details you
were provided in step two and you’re all set!

How long does it take to process an e-visa?

The website says 10 days, but to be on the safe side, we recommend applying 2-3
weeks in advance of travel.

I’ve applied – now what?

Log into the system and check the status of your application any time between 10-14
days after applying. With a bit of luck, it’ll be approved and ready! Print out the
confirmation document: though you might have it on your phone/device, the paper
version will be required on arrival, so have this ready.

What if I decide to get a visa on arrival instead?

This is still possible for many nationalities, but just make sure you have the

  • At least 2 hours to spare (bear this in mind if you have a connecting flight).
  • The correct amount of US Dollars to pay in cash.
  • A pen to complete the forms.
  • Sarafika Tour contact information (see above) or details of your first hotel.
    Sarafika Tours provides you with information on the covid entry requirements. Such
    advice is provided as a guideline only. Sarafika Tours will not be liable if any
    information regarding the entry requirements provided by us is incorrect.

Please also check:

Sarafika Tours provides you with information on the visa process. Although we make
every effort to keep this information updated this advice is provided as a guideline
only. Sarafika Tours will not be liable if any information regarding the entry
requirements provided by us is incorrect or outdated.

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